Live Room

Digilogue Studio features a state of the art live room with all the latest...

oh come on, every studio nowadays claims to be second to none.


The truth of the matter is that Digilogue live room is there to host your wildest musical dreams, take your crazy compositional ideas and turn them into sound. The dual acoustic zone design, variable acoustics and the high degree of soundproofing will enable you to produce the sound you intended whenever the inspiration strikes.

Control Room

Tons of ultra vintage outboard, top notch 96 channel mixing desk... is what we don't have, but what we DO actually have is superior workflow.


Countless coffee driven nights of elaborate design went into making a room that is

as fast as your galloping inspiration, everything is right in front of you! Fast PC, dual screens, mid and nearfield monitors and midi controllers, are all there to serve you in the fastest way possible.


The near silent (20dB) Control room design ensures that nothing goes unnoticed.

Living Room

OK for Digilogue, producing great music is not all about recording and gear.


Run out of ideas? Your 44th pass of solo doesn't sound quite as nice as you have imagined... spin a record, have a perfectly made old fashioned and relax. Why wait in agony for your drummer to record, hearing in the process all his embarrassing attempts to do this larger than life drum roll in the finale of your soon to be released single, when on the same time you could challenge your bandmates in a Call of Duty battle on our sweet 50" TV...


Grab a beer, have a snack and show them who's the boss!


Quality over Quantity


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